TRESTIMA™ forest inventory system is the World’s most accurate and efficient tool for measuring standing timber. The tool has been developed by a talented team of Trestima Oy based in Tampere (Finland).

This unique solution for forest inventory in the field environment bases on the use of regular smartphones. By just capturing images you get all classic forest attributes in a very short time after automated (if necessary human aided) processing. Whether you are a forest engineer, top executive or a forest owner you now have got stunning opportunity to reduce time spent in the forest for measuring it at regular surveys.

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 Images provided by Trestima Oy

Further development concerns measurements of roadside wood stacks and loaded timber trucks.

RusFor Consult Oy Ab officially represents TRESTIMA Oy as well as consults and steers implementing the system. RusFor Consult Oy Ab is proud informing about several successful projects, where TRESTIMA™ forest inventory system took key role providing high quality results in short time.

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