GIS & 3D modelling

GIS analysis

GIS analysis helps acquiring valuable sources of information to support decision making process at any level and business sector e.g. at engineering & construction, environmental protection, coastal zone management, forest management, municipal planning etc.

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3D modelling

Landscape 3D modelling is a product widely used in geodesy, cartography, building & construction, mining, archeology, forestry, other volumetric applications as well as city planning and architecture. It bases on high quality digital surface models rendered out of remote sensing data such as aerial laser scanning (ALS) or aerial photography (photogrammetry).

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3D models create stunning opportunity to, for example, precisely calculate volume or visualize municipal development plans.

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Our experts has been applying GIS analysis and 3D modelling daily basis with different datasets such as vector data, RGB & NIR orthophoto, terrain data, contours, toporasters, photogrammetric point clouds or ALS data.