Forest inventory

RusFor Consult Oy Ab is one of the most experienced and skilled teams at performing forest inventories for the Russian forest industries.

Our forest inventories are executed in the interest of private investors, financial institutions/banks, acting forest lease holder and/or other stakeholders.

There are several typical situations, when forest inventories are ordered.

At the stage of project initiation, project planning and investment/financial decision:

  • Preparation of an information memorandum.
  • Investment decision making support.
  • Forest lease area selection, forest resources assessment and official forest data verificaion.
  • General or detailed wood sourcing planning.
  • CAPEX (OPEX) needs estimation (incl. e.g. road infrastructure needs evaluation, harvesting technology and supply scheme assessment).
  • Organizational structure assessment.
  • Self-cost and mill gate price estimation.

Such forest inventories deliver an objective data on growing stock (m3/ha), stock of coniferous/deciduous (softwood/hardwood) as well as land use and land cover state (lands under forest fires, harvested areas, regrowth, wind-falls etc.).

At the stage of operations:

  • Forest management planning.
  • Road (logistics) infrastructure planning.
  • Harvesting technologies planning.
  • Wood storages planning.
  • Harvesting sites preparation.

Such inventories deliver a detailed information on growing stock incl. species cmposition, log %, wood quality, tree species diameter distribution, average heights etc.

RusFor Consult Oy Ab along with our partners possesses an unique know-how and technologies on performing the most objective, fastly deployable forest inventory campaings in Russia.