Aerial photography

Aerial photography is a classic application employed at absolutely different sectors of economy – from surveillence, mining, forestry to environmental issues studies, research etc. It is extremely usefull as very visual, accurate and precise. Despite its high value aerial photography has been recently used by a very limited number of professionals.

With a UAV boom around the Globe a very high resolution (VHR) aerial photography became available for a broader number of people and even private individuals or households.

UAV_job   UAV_job1

VHR literally means high resolution of 2-7 cm/px so it is actually possible to spot objects of just several santimeters on the ground.

VHR_1   VHR_2

We possess comprehensive proven track record and expertise of sUAV application at such environments as forested areas, coastal zone, agricultural sites, urban areas, setlements and mining sites for different tasks including but not limitted to UAV flight operations, aerial imagery processing and further GIS analysis.