Forest resources

We help our clients with all the basics concerning forest resources, for example:

  • forest areas allocation for prospective lease.
  • forest resources assessment.
  • wood sourcing planning.
  • technology and transport scheme evaluation and planning.
  • feasibility study.
  • raw material market study.
  • raw material self-cost and mill gate price estimation.
  • investment planning.
  • consultancy on optimization of business processes of harvesting, harvesting sites preparation and inventory, forest logistics, wood storages management.
  • forest infrastructure evaluation and planning.

We also work out bankable documentation for forest industry projects as well as we help our clients to prepare documentation required such as for example:

  • for acquisition of a status of a priority investment project in the field of forest management;
  • forest lease documentation to enable forest lease agreement signing;
  • forest management plan to enable harvesting operations; and
  • other documentation upon request.

We render our services on the cost- and time-effective basis with the help of smart technologies.  Trestima solutions, remote sensing, GIS-analysis. Solid field and analytical work are our everyday tools.

What is the base for your decisions, when planning new forests, road infrastructure and controlling the wood turnover?