New article in Siberian Journal of Forest Science by RusFor Consult

RusFor has made a study on remote sensing technique for mean volume estimation obtained using a small-sized unmanned aerial vehicle (sUAV) and a high-resolution photogrammetric digital surface model (DSM). An innovative technology for field measurements (Trestima) was also applied in the research.

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We came to a conclusion that the UAV and Trestima are reliable and potentially cost-effective means of forest data acquisition with good prospects for operational forest inventory.

Research on preharvest efficiency of different forest inventory tools

The study conducted by RusFor specialists compares the accuracy of forest attribute estimates, delivered by airborne laser scanning data, conventional stand-wise forest inventory in the form of Forest Management Plan and Trestima forest inventory app. The measurements are validated by actual results of commercial harvesting, measured and registered by a harvester’s measurement system during logging.

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Trestima turned out to be the most accurate and effective in predicting preharvest stand characteristics, stand-level-wise.